This following information was found at Tom Grants site.

Courtney Love's, husband disappeared, then was found dead. Little did she know the fire storm this would cause.

The Private Investigator, she hired to find her husband began talking about a possible murder instead of suicide in December 1994.

The investigators name is Tom Grant, an ex detective from the LA Sheriffs Department. Since then, his theory has appeared in "hundreds of major magazines, television and radio talk shows around the world."

Grant and murder theorist claim that there is a conspiracy of censorship, and threats of lawsuits by MS Love. Yet, considering the hundreds of media outlets they've had access to, the documentary "Kurt and Courtney", books written on the subject seem to debunk any claim of censorship. To date MS Love has not filed a suite either.

This information was found on the net mag "Salon".

Remember the Clinton Scandal? Tom Grant did do investigative work for MS Paula Jones. Some extremely powerful people where involved in this investigation. You have to wonder why Tom could not get these same people behind his Cobain theory.

Tom Grant's other non Cobain death investigationPaula Jones' sleaze finder

The following was found due to personal investigation.

Andrew Amirault: Andrew passed away after a long battle with mental illness. His writings have been removed by the request of his family.

Nick Broomfield

Tom Grant

Hank Harrison, her father (biodad)

Ian Halprin/Max Wallace

Richard Lee: Mr. Lee has been described as a "mad Hobbit on steroids". Mr Lee is also widely avoided on the streets of Seattle the reasoning for this is Mr. Lee ambushes people on the streets of Seattle with his camcorder running spouting conspiracy theories, then airing the tapes on public access cable channels (Mayor's Race Only Lacks a Grinning Cheshire cat, Susan Paynter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Life and Arts, Page: D3, September 7, 2001)

When asked about the Arts in Seattle during Mr. Lee run for mayor in 2001. Mr. Lee leaped on to the table wear a dress with camcorder running he started talking about the Cobain conspiracy theory. ("They also serve who sit and don't debate field of candidates includes seven unknowns" Kery Murakami, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, News, Page: B2 September 14, 2001


Justice For Kurt (well presented information on the murder theory), off site

Cobain death information