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Courtney's father Hank Harrison, has leveled charges against his daughter and shows concern that she maybe involved in Kurt's "murder". First we have to look at the man making the allegations.

We have his response to Courtney when she talks less than glowingly about her childhood or him, ``Keep on bad-rapping me and I'll keep kicking your ass.".(1) I believe that this "ass kicking" means he will continue to lay charges of murder.

He "disappeared" in 1995 and the Los Altos Sheriffs Dept. was trying to find him, because of his dogs mauled a women. DA Tom Booth told a reporter, ``We haven't been able to find him," and continued ``He is a loud, vulgar, glib-tongued charmer. Our police went to where he said he would be to take the dogs and have them put down. But he'd gone. If you find him, let us know."(2)

His ex-wife Linda (and Courtney's mom) says their daughter was the result of a date rape, at a party for Dizzy Gillespie. Their marriage lasted only two years, and she filed a legal objection to him visiting Courtney.(3)

What about Hank allegedly giving Courtney LSD when she was two, and disciplined Courtney with pit bulls.(4)

I am sure that Hank would adamantly disavow all of this. What about two quotes attributed to him several years apart about Courtney?

In the first story his says he is very concerned about drug users and suicide. He wanted to start the "Kurt Cobain Foundation for Suicide Prevention". He also said that, one of the last times he saw Kurt and Courtney together they appeared "really happy. This was not a Sid and Nancy deal. They really loved each other." (5)

Give a few years and no money, now he says, ``I also have very, very dark suspicions about what went on (with Kurt's death) because of my real experience with Courtney."(6)

Say what?!?! What caused the change? At any rate all of this should cause us to look as his claims with a jaded eye.

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