The following is not an attack on law enforcement or a single officer. This is simply showing in general, law enforcement has a number people with a certain mindset. In addition a few more would show sympathy towards this mindset

Researchers examined the "police culture" and they said, "It is argued that the occupational culture of the police leads to exaggerated patriarchal notions of women, marriage, and family that are conservative" (1)

Christianity is a major belief among police officers. Though there is nothing wrong with this. But it might lead a few officers to have sympathies for extreme Christian views.

Denver police Officer Jennifer Steck said ``What I see is more and more law enforcement officers coming to Christ,'' says Steck. ``I think that's based on the way the world is going. People are looking for hope and for an answer.''(2)

Another member of the enforcement community said ``I want my life to exemplify Jesus Christ every time I knock on a door, even if I'm there to arrest somebody,'' says Doug Randolph, special agent who investigates drug-laundering cases for the IRS. (3)

Yet another member, Vince Sanchez, 36, a DEA special agent said ``Seven or eight guys in the office we know are solid Christians,'' (4)

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