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Murder theorist claim, that Courtney killed Kurt to inherit his money. The innuendo is she's incapable of making money on her own. Courtney was in several films, and was in a band before (Babes in Toyland and Hole) she was involved with Kurt.Kurt didn't start Courtney on the road to celebrity; they met on the road to celebrity. If Courtney has a tenth of the ego murder theorist think why would she kill Kurt for money? She would believe that her art would be worth more than Kurt's.

Courtney tried to kill Kurt before??? Kurt had dozens of near death overdoses. It wouldn't be strange that he overdosed on a prescription drug. In fact the treating physician who treated Kurt for the overdose didn't think it was strange or a possible murder.

If the Rome incident was an attempted murder by Courtney Love. Why would Courtney call for help after Kurt overdosed? Though while under the influence of the drug people forget. Wouldn't Kurt remember the drug being forced on him? Would Courtney risk this? Also if she wanted him dead why not just let him die? His treating doctor, Dr. Osvaldo Galletta noted that Cobain's recovery was aided by the "timely intervention" by Courtney Love, who called for help.(1)

So Courtney is a murderer. Why would Kurt the intended victim, try to call Courtney (the alleged murder) 13 times the day he disappeared (according to Grant)? Murder theorist claim he was hiding from her because he was in fear of his life. Do they believe Kurt was that stupid?

Nonevents have been reported as evidence, when in reality they are not. A few are

A. Courtney filing a missing persons report under someone else's name.

B. Courtney had contact with media and did PR while Kurt was missing.

C. Courtney gave conflicting accounts of events while Kurt was gone.

D. An alleged faked Drug OD by Courtney.

All of these events where probably influenced by extreme panic, and drug use.

Kurt and Courtney's relationship

During a show Kurt called Rosemary Caroll and said he wanted a Divorce from Courtney. (2) Still Divorce doesn't mean hate or a motive for murder. A simple phone call doesn't even mean a divorce, or hate.

Murder conspiracy theorists also seem to ignore Cobain's past self-destructive behavior, and clinical depression and also MS loves past actions.

On May 2 1993 Courtney Love gave Kurt a shot of burprenorphine an illegal drug, and took other measure to Save Kurt's life from a Heroin overdose (3). Doesn't sound the actions of a murderess.

Did Kurt hate or fear Courtney? In the part of the note that conspiracy theorist "claim" is legit is the following. "I have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy"

Here's a copy of the text of the note

Doesn't sound like a man who hates he wife. Also a recent press story seems to indicate that murder theorist believe Kurt was stupid or a habitual liar. Or could it be these people believe they know what Kurt and Courtney's relationship was like, when in reality they had no idea.

The SPD Cobain file mentions a domestic assault incident. It appears that Kurt assaulted Courtney. If she were out to get Kurt why wouldn't she nail him to the wall for assault? The SPD decided not to press assault charges against Kurt Cobain, because the victim (Courtney Love) would say nothing happened.(4)

Kurt was outraged at a Vanity Fair article that condemned Courtney for marrying Kurt as a career move, and raised question over the health of their daughter and Ms love past drug use. (5)

Kurt was concerned a possible writing of a book (being written in 1992/93) would harm his wife. He left this message on one of the writers answering machines "If anything comes out in this book which hurt my wife, I'll fucking hurt you."(6)

Eight months before Kurt died he said I'd like to (collaborate with Love)," and also said "But to tell you the truth, I would rather just quit my band and join Hole."(7 )

Courtney's mental state

Joe "Mama" Nitzburg an artist friend of Courtney's said when Courtney got the news Kurt left drug treatment she was (panicked) "hysterical". (8 )

Kurt asked Cali to call Courtney because she freaking out. He couldn't call her because he forgot the secret password. Cali forgot this event until days later (9 ).

Why did Courtney stay in LA?? She hired a PI to find Kurt. Maybe she assumed that the PI knew what he was doing. Besides, why not stay in stay somewhere where Kurt might try to call her?

Mr. Grant wonders why Courtney didn't ask Cali to check the greenhouse. Simple Cali was already looking for Kurt. Besides Cali had already "spaced out" seeing Kurt before.

At any rate Cali was already looking for Kurt. Courtney sent Hole band mate Eric Erlandson to the Lake Washington home. Cali's Girlfriend remembers "he burst in the house like this big lighting bolt and he was furious at Cali " Eric said "you guys got to help me look" Eric told them to search every nook and cranny because Kurt had stashed a shot gun(10 ).

Courtney ordered Cali, and his Girl friend Jennifer to search the house Bonnie Dillard came along and they found no sign of Kurt when searching the house (11 ).

Murder theorists seem to believe Kurt bought a shotgun because he felt threatened. In fact it wasn't unusual for Kurt to have a gun. The Police had taken two .38 pistols and an AR 15 semi automatic during an event in 1993 (12 )

Murder theorists also use the power of innuendo. They mention the shooting death of Seattle police officer Antonio Terry, and allege that he and Courtney are friends. The innuendo is Courtney is responsible for Terry's death, he knew too much.

It's unclear what type of relationship Courtney and Mr. Terry had. You also have to wonder why a witness to the Terry murder, Jeremy McAllister (13 ) hasn't either fingered Courtney or ended up dead like El Duce, or Terry. Murder sites don't mention him. I wonder why?

Courtney as master of the universe

Some proclaim that Courtney was steering the investigation into Kurt's death.

Question, would Courtney or someone under her control allow the release of information that Kurt had a high level of heroin in his system, someone allegedly Credit cards after Kurt Died, and etc ? Couldn't this release of information be use to further point the finger at murder and not the suicide?

Did Courtney try to stop the investigation? Paragraph two on this document I found on the net doesn't seem to indicate she was trying to stop the investigation. Also the letter claims the press was hindering his investigation by printing inaccuracies. This seems strange since he is a PI and most of what he would learn about a case wouldn't be in the newspapers. To me the most likely time printing inaccuracies would be detrimental would be if he's trying to promote an "agenda", and not investigate.

Make no mistake, it would take a very powerful person to stop the investigation of multiple murders.

Among the claims of murder supporters Courtney Love is more powerful than: Senator Ted Kennedy was extensively investigated over the death of Mary Jo Kopechne who drown when Ted drove off a bridge into Chappaquiddick pond at Martha Vineyard. Even though its been decades and they had official investigations clearing Ted Kennedy this issue still haunts him.

Actor Robert Blake has been investigated for his wives murder.

US Representative Gary Condit was investigated in regards to Chandra Levy's disappearance.

Even President Bill Clinton was investigated for "improper relations" with a white house intern.

I am not saying prosecuted. I am saying officially investigated. Is the assertion that Courtney Love has more power than other celebrities including US Senators, Representatives, and even the president??

Still Ms Love has had a share of legal problems since Kurt's death. Squashing these would be child play when considering, they claim she stopped the investigation of the murder of a beloved music Icon.

Ms Love plead to a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of a controlled substance. She was also arrested for felony drug case and felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon. The assault charge came from at attack at the home of her former manager Jim Barber, she assaulted a women with a liquor bottle (14 )

Other legal woes were she lost her child to child protection agency for a short time. She was also arrested for striking a someone who attended a one of her concert with a microphone stand (15 )

She finally regained custody of her child and she was order by the court to pay the person who she struck with the mic. stand $2,336.00 attend a drug rehab program, and not commit another crime (16 ).

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