The Rights anti music faction

The following are links to far right Christian sites they should demonstrate how the many in the far right would see Kurt's music.

Anti music link 1

Anti music link 2

What was the reaction of the far right Christian community when they learned of the death of Kurt Cobain? Shock, fear, any level of bereavement? Nope, many of them seemed happy about it and gloated self-righteously. How come there isn't a movement to investigate the far right?

They had the hate; they seemed thrilled about his death. And net sites only want Courtney investigated. Is someone within "the movement" protecting them? If they were innocent why would they need protection? I mean if they trust the system enough to investigate Courtney why not the far right Christians??

What about racist?!?

Remember what Kurt has been quoted as saying about a few of the below topics?

"Remember, the same national media and Hollywood industry which promotes race mixing, abortion, pornography, gun control, and homosexuality are the very ones who attack the Klan."

Here is a Klan link

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