What was the cost of Kurt's death?

"Kurt Cobain was, ladies and gentleman... a worthless shred of human debris."

Rush Limbaugh, TV show, 11 April 94 (Said just a few days after Kurt's death )


Here my 2 cents on the cost of Kurts death

Kurt's death, left a child without father.

A father to cautiously watch her leave on her first day of school.

A father to rave about her first love to

A father to hold her when her heart is broken.

A father who is out of sorts because his little girl is growing up and going to the prom.

A father who beams with pride when her date arrives because he realizes his little girl is now a young lady.

A father who shows pride, and cautious optimism when his daughter graduates, and starts her new life.

Countless seconds of love that last an eternity

Regardless of the public image, of Kurt Cobain. His death cost more than can ever be paid.

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