When I first began releasing information on this investigation through online services, the material was designed to be updated and released ONLY to those on our mailing list. The space for each update was limited by the e-mail capacity of the online services, so it was necessary to attempt to cover a number of topics in a limited amount of space.

Since most readers now follow the case through Web sites on the Internet, it's become necessary to reformat the material. This new format contains revisions, edits, and changes in sequence of some of the topics originally discussed in the Updates.

The revisions make the material more interesting as well as easier to read and understand. There may be more revisions in the future as I continue to improve the presentation of this material.

None of the revisions reflect any changes in my opinions or in the facts and details I've presented, except that the evidence for murder continues to strengthen as the myth of Kurt Cobain's alleged "suicide" continues to dissolve in the light of accurate information.

After what you've read in the media you may find this hard to believe, but in the past year we have found no real evidence, outside of fabricated stories originating with Courtney Love and those directly connected to her, that indicates Kurt Cobain was the least bit suicidal... especially during the year prior to his death.

I hope you understand I don't pretend to be a "writer." I'm simply doing something that must be done and I'm doing it to the best of my somewhat limited abilities.

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