It's not practical or even possible for me to try and answer ALL of your individual questions through mail. As one recent reader said, "Every answer brings more questions." But I'm finding many of the most often asked questions have already been answered in this material released to date.

For example,... some have asked, "Are you saying Courtney pulled the trigger?"
No. I've never said that. A careful reading of this material clearly indicates Courtney and I were both in Beverly Hills when Kurt died. However, legally and morally, there's little difference between the person who plans a murder and the person who carries out the plan.
I realize there's a lot of information to absorb, but if you really want answers, you may find most of them by carefully reviewing the material.
Keep in mind, I've given more information and more answers than anyone else directly involved in this case. You may not agree with everything I say, but if you have any concern whatsoever for the truth, you'd have to agree.... IT'S TIME WE GOT SOME ANSWERS FROM THE POLICE, THE MEDICAL EXAMINER, COURTNEY LOVE, ROSEMARY CARROLL, AND OTHERS FORCED INTO SILENCE BY COURTNEY'S LEGAL MANUEVERING.

Now that I've said that, I'm going to do my best to answer even more of your questions in this update.


Dylan was Kurt's best friend. He's also a heroin addict, but he's very intelligent and basically a pretty good guy. I'm now totally convinced that although he was used in this scheme, he had no knowledge that Kurt was going to be killed.
Courtney uses Dylan and others around her to serve her purposes. She's got the money and power to get what she wants. Once you become part of her inner circle of gophers, you do and say what she tells you and you DON'T ASK QUESTIONS.
Some in her inner circle are naive to what she's really capable of. Others are blinded by her fame, fortune and power. And then there are those who are just plain scared. As Courtney readily admits, "In my world people are pretty scared of me,... so they don't f__k with me."


Wednesday night, (early Thursday morning)... No.
Thursday night, when we returned,... possibly.
I believe Courtney was trying to direct Dylan to discover the body, but he was really confused about what was going on here. By late Thursday afternoon, I now have reason to believe Dylan knew Kurt was dead. Later that night, as mentioned in the Summary Of Events, Courtney told him, "Be sure and check the greenhouse."
Why didn't he? He may not have WANTED to!


No. Not at all.
As part of her "suicide" hype in Los Angeles prior to my leaving, Courtney was saying things like, "Everyone thinks he's going to die." So of course on Wednesday night when I first arrived in Seattle, Dylan and I talked a lot about Kurt, his relationship with Courtney, and Kurt's current frame of mind.
When asked if Kurt was suicidal, Dylan was adamant.
"No. He just wants to get away from all this. He doesn't like most of the people in the music business."

Dylan knew Kurt before Courtney came into his life. Dylan is the person Kurt hung out with, the person who probably knew him better than anyone else.

Here's some of what Dylan told me as we sat and talked at a local cafe, then later drove around Seattle checking out some of Kurt's hang outs.
"I could never understand why they got married," Dylan said.
"They're always fighting. They're total opposites."
Referring to some of Kurt's friends and fans in Seattle, Dylan told me, "Kurt's embarrassed by the big house. He's taking a lot of shit for it. They sort of look at him like a traitor or something. But Courtney bought this Lexus and Kurt made her take it back."

Dylan told me he and Kurt purchased the shotgun BEFORE Kurt left for Los Angeles. He said Kurt wanted the shotgun for protection when he got back.


April 15, 1994

In an interview with a reporter from the Seattle Post Intelligencer for an article published just a week after Kurt died, Dylan made the following comments CONFIRMING the conversations I had with him:

"Kurt just wanted to make music, and he didn't want to do the grind."
"We used to go shooting together," Carlson said. "He said he wanted the gun for protection..."
"Carlson said Cobain did not seem suicidal."
"Carlson said Nirvana's management and Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, had pushed the musician to enter drug treatment. He said Cobain was apprehensive, but did not seem despondent."
"Kurt was facing lots of pretty heavy things, but he was actually pretty upbeat," Carlson said. "He was prepared to deal with things facing him."

Kurt was "PRETTY UPBEAT" says his BEST FRIEND?!!

Now carefully read another of Dylan's statements to the reporter....
"Carlson said he had not known of any suicide attempts and had not been told that Cobain's drug induced coma in Rome, Italy, on March 4 might have been intentional, as has been confirmed recently by Love."


If the incident in Rome was actually a "suicide attempt," why wouldn't Courtney tell Kurt's best friend about it? Wouldn't she want Dylan to keep his eye on Kurt? Wouldn't she want him to be sure Kurt did NOT purchase any more guns. (Kurt's other guns had been previously confiscated by the police). Didn't she CARE?

No. Courtney knew that if she told Dylan the incident in Rome was a "suicide attempt," he'd know she was lying because he'd talk to Kurt about it. Remember, NO ONE called the Rome incident a "suicide attempt" until AFTER Kurt died in Seattle.
It was AFTER Kurt died... that COURTNEY claimed the Rome incident was a "suicide attempt."


For those of you who haven't read the Summary, Rosemary Carroll was Kurt and Courtney's close friend and entertainment attorney. To the best of my knowledge, she's still "technically" Courtney's entertainment attorney. Her law firm probably doesn't know what to do with her now. What do you do with an attorney who has a conscience?? (Don't look for a punchline)

Rosemary is also the wife of Danny Goldberg, CEO of Warner records.
Rosemary is in quite a predicament.
She expressed her belief to me that Courtney might somehow have been involved in Kurt's death when I first met with her in Los Angeles, on April 13th, 1994. For the next several months, we occasionally spoke on the telephone and met at her house in Los Angeles where she continued to furnish me with information and evidence implicating Courtney.
Rosemary did NOT believe Kurt was suicidal or that the incident in Rome was a "suicide attempt." Her initial reaction to the so called "suicide" note, once she finally got to see it, was TOTAL DISBELIEF!
Rosemary was also convinced Courtney had something to do with the wording on the Seattle "suicide" note. She said it was full of terminolgy used mostly by Courtney, not by Kurt.
Did Courtney HELP Kurt write his "retirement" note? A note which sometime later was to become a "suicide" note!


In December of 1994, after nearly eight months of continuous investigation, I had now obtained enough evidence to be convinced beyond any doubt that Kurt Cobain did not commit suicide but was in fact murdered.
When I began to speak out about the conclusions of my investigation, I received a threatening note from Rosemary's law firm.
In response, on December 29, 1994, I sent Rosemary Carroll a registered letter.

Dear Rosemary,

Having received the letter from your firm threatening me with lawsuit and possible criminal prosecution, I have to wonder what must be going on in your head! My loyalty to you and the confidentiality of our conversations ends abruptly when I am threatened for doing a job I was encouraged by you to do.
From the beginning, you played a major role in directing this investigation and exposing some facts and details that implicated Courtney as part of the conspiracy that eventually led to Kurt's murder. I'm convinced you know in your heart the truth about what happened. It's time for you to come forward and speak to the authorities about what you know.
I'm aware there's a lot at stake here for you. Your career, your marriage, possible financial losses and who knows what else? You may not realize it yet, but these things are in jeopardy whether you come forward or not.
You impressed me as the type of person who has their priorities in order. What good are we as human beings if we're so afraid that we allow people to get away with murder.
The world of secrecy is a dangerous place to live, especially when your mind holds information that could help convict a killer. I've placed my life in danger here in order to bring about justice and put an end to what may turn out to be more than just one killing. In addition, kids are continuing to commit suicide themselves, thinking Kurt did it so it must be the way to go! The last of these incidents occurred just a couple of weeks ago.
Although I'm still in some danger, I feel my silence would have created an even greater threat to my life. Getting rid of someone AFTER they've talked is just plain stupid and can only bring more attention to the case. The real danger exists BEFORE the person talks.
I hope I've given you something to think about. Call me if I can help. If you choose to oppose me in this, all I can say is good luck. You'll need it.

Tom Grant


Whenever someone famous dies, there's always some nut that comes out of the woodwork and yells, "conspiracy!" These people are normally a little light in the head and usually come out of nowhere. They weren't there, they have no first hand knowledge of anything, and their stories can never be substantiated.
Those who, for whatever reason, would like to believe I'm just another wacko, seem to be overlooking something very different about THIS "conspiracy" case. This case developed from the knowledge and experiences of TWO people VERY CLOSE to the situation.

Whatever you think of me and my motives, you should be aware that COURTNEY'S OWN ATTORNEY also had strong beliefs about Courtney's involvement in kurt's death.

Rosemary Carroll had nothing to gain and everything to lose if she was right about her suspicions. Unfortunately, others close to Rosemary also have a lot to lose, so Rosemary is being kept quiet and out of sight.


What would Dylan Carlson and Rosemary Carroll say NOW, if they were allowed to talk about this?
We'll just have to wait and see what the spin doctors can come up with for these two.


Most readers already know the answer to this question. It's normally brought up by skeptics who are trying to write this whole thing off with simplistic uneducated remarks.
Even though many private investigators like myself are former police officers, we are now PRIVATE investigators with no police powers granted by the state. A PRIVATE investigator can only investigate and furnish information. PRIVATE investigators cannot file cases, press criminal charges, or make felony arrests in cases handled by local authorities. If the authorities choose to close their eyes, the only thing that will pry them open is public pressure.


The short answer,... professional pride, city politics and potential lawsuits. When is the last time you heard a public official admit they were wrong, especially in a high profile incident where there is so much at stake?

Now here's the long answer...
After attending the candlelight vigil in Seattle in memory of Kurt Cobain, a young man returned to his home and abruptly ended his own life with a single bullet.
In Southern Turkey a teenage girl was suffering from depression since hearing about Cobain's death. She put on a Nirvana song, locked her bedroom door, and shot herself in the head.
In Australia, a teenager committed suicide as a tribute to Cobain.
A twenty year old man in Tracy California was with friends when he put a shotgun in his mouth and said, "Look, I'm just like Kurt Cobain." Now he is.

There have been several other reports of "copy-cat" suicides since Cobain's death. These are just some of the reports I've heard through various media sources.

Still wondering about police motive?
I met with the police just one week after Kurt died. By this time I'd gathered enough evidence to show that something was horribly wrong with the events surrounding Kurt's death. It was too late. The "copy -cat" suicides had already begun. There was no way an outside investigator was going to overturn the official "opinion" on the cause of Kurt's death, an "opinion" that had already resulted in world wide media coverage and had caused the loss of additional lives.


These young people weren't killing themselves simply because Kurt Cobain had died. They were killing themselves because they were confused by his so-called "suicide." If anyone doubts what I'm saying here, you need to read some of the thousands of letters I've gotten from Kurt's fans.
Kurt's death would have been a tragic and sad loss to his fans, but his so called "suicide" caused a short circuit. It didn't make sense!!

Sometimes the consequences of being wrong can be so drastic that an overwhelming bias is created. Truth takes a back seat to expediency.
What will the Seattle Police Department say to Cobain's friends and fans, and to the devastated families of those other victims of misinformation?... "Oops?!!"


The Seattle police department deliberately misled me and the press. In addition, they've covered up important information and in general, they've demonstrated a lack of good faith when it came to finding the truth.

I expect this case to eventually be re-opened. But it needs to be handled by unbiased investigators, probably from another governmental agency, who aren't just out to save face and cover their tracks.

These investigators will need something to work with,... some "tools" for probing, interviewing, and interrogating.

Investigative tools consist primarily of undisclosed information known only to the investigator conducting the interview. Knowledge of generally unknown information helps the investigator discern whether or not the subject being interviewed is telling the truth. Every piece of information I release becomes one less tool for future investigators. It also becomes one more detail for use by those attempting to cover-up of the truth. Fortunately, I've got a rather LARGE "tool bin."
As it is, I've furnished a sufficient amount of evidence and information to prove this case needs to be re-examined by the authorities. I'll continue to release information, but exposing EVERYTHING I know and revealing ALL of my evidence to the general public would reduce the probative value of that information.
So for now I'll have to live with criticism from skeptics and critics who try to call plays at home plate from a position completely outside of the ballpark.


In the last couple of months before I spoke out about what I know, things started getting a little warm for Courtney. She began an intense campaign of intimidation and coercion to get everyone who worked for her, past and present, to sign a "confidentiality" agreement.
Some of these were friends Courtney has known for years! Why are they SUDDENLY being forced to keep quiet?
It's not working. The "silence" is DEAFENING!!


As she's done with nearly everyone she considers to be her enemy, after I began speaking out, Courtney wasted no time in having ME investigated hoping to find some dirt.
Once she's forced into the open, she'll have no choice but to light that pile of wet twigs.
This attempt to divert attention from the facts will appear like a small cloud of smoke that rises momentarily and quickly fades into an atmosphere of openess and honesty. Like everyone else, I'm far from perfect. But there are no "secrets" in my life that I need to hide from.

When all else fails,...


The "strategy of confusion" has been used against this investigation since the beginning. I'll talk about this more in the future, but one of the schemes involved an imposter on America Online who uses the SCREEN name of "Tom Grant" and claims to be me.
This tactic was temporarily effective at confusing some of the readers in the online folders, but eventually it only demonstrated that someone was desperate to cover up the truth.

My SCREEN name is TGrantCo. That's the ONLY screen name I've ever used regarding this investigation. If the Screen name reads TGrantCo, the post is coming from me or someone in my office working under my direct supervision.
I sign OFF with "Tom" or "Tom Grant" or "TGrantCo," but I never sign ON with any other name than TGrantCo.
So when you see the name Tom Grant, be sure to check the SCREEN name for TGrantCo to be sure the post originated from this office.
This wasn't the first of these "confusion schemes." It won't be the last.

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