A few well written letters have been printed in full, but including the entire contents of each letter would require too much space. I appreciate hearing from everyone who has written. I wish I could display all your letters here. I read every one and when I have the time, I often respond with a short note.

I've corrected some of the obvious spelling errors. A few of these writers are young kind hearted kids who were influenced by Kurt Cobain in avery positive way. Some of them put up with harassment from other kids at school. I know it can be embarrassing to have something you wrote being readby others if you made mistakes in spelling. I'd like them to be proud to show their friends how they've contributed to this effort without being made fun of for something as petty as a misspelled word.

For those of you who are getting flack from some of your friends with comments like, "He killed himself. Get over it," I want you to know there are thousands of thoughtful and sincere people like yourself who have subjected themselves to ridicule simply because they have an opinion and they're not afraid to express it.

But opinions are continuing to change! You'll want to check out the section composed of letters from more "FORMER SKEPTICS."

Our support base now includes readers of all ages, from all walks of life. Those who have written include:

Letters in response to this investigation are well over 90% supportive. This is a very small sampling:

Just read your page on the net and am completely taken by it... I have always wondered why there were a lot of unanswered questions about the death of Kurt Cobain... I consider his mark on this earth to have great meaning to my generation... Your article now raises some serious doubts in my mind about Kurt's suicide and the involvement of Courtney Love... Why not print some comments from other readers to your future readers? Add a page!!

Thanks for your time,


(Good Idea J.S.!)


Dear Tom,

... When I first heard of Kurt's suicide, I have to admit that, although I don't claim to know Kurt or have any special connection to him, I felt that his death was highly suspicious.

I also have to admit that when I heard someone was claiming Kurt's death to be a murder, I ignored the report, thinking, "It's just another conspiracytheory." But then I took the time to read your reports, and I found they answered a lot of questions I had about Kurt's death...

An interview in Fender Frontline a few months before Kurt's death reported Kurt saying that Nirvana's life was limited: all the band members had projects that wouldn't fit within the framework of Nirvana. Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters, borne from the extensive demos recorded whilst a member of Nirvana, illustrates this perfectly. I believe Kurt also had other plans, and even in Come As You Are, Kurt mentions he would like to be in a blues band again someday. Nevertheless, whatever Kurt planned to do, I believe he simply wanted to retire from Nirvana and pursue other interests. I believe your interpretation of the "suicide note" to be true.

I have distributed your reports and updates to my friends, and my brother's friends. I plan to set up a web site mirroring your information and links to other sites that have this information.

You must not be silenced until a proper and independent investigation is conducted. Your critics invariably are those who have not taken the time to read your report and updates with an open mind. Do not let their ignorance deter your efforts. I eagerly await further updates, although I understand the importance and value of keeping the most damning evidence out of circulation...

Yours faithfully,

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to pursue this very important issue. Shortly after Kurt's death my close friend wrote a paper for his English class about how Kurt was murdered. I thought he was so full of shit at the time. After reading your reports on the internet, I am convinced that both you and my friend were right. I am looking forward to your next update. I hope you will publish it very soon.

B. T.

Mr. Grant,

I just got done reading your possible murder report and theories. At first I thought it was going to be stupid, but I was drawn into it. At first glance, Cobain's death would appear to be a suicide. At least that is what the media, e.g. MTV, would like us to believe. After reading your writings, I am convinced that Cobain was murdered... There is just too much evidence that supports a murder scenario. Hopefully, one day, justice will prevail and the public image of the suicidal rocker will be discredited.

Peace, Love, Empathy,
C. B.

HI Tom,

I thought that I would write you an email because... I am congratulating you on your work and I must admit that I was a skeptic before I read your work... Thanks again for doing what you do best on behalf of all my Kurt fan friends.



I recently got your summaries and updates on the Cobain murder investigation. I was impressed. Before I received the information, I thought that it was all a joke and wanted to see what type of "wacko" was making it up. I couldn't believe all the inconsistencies that you mentioned about the so called "suicide." I do truly believe that Kurt Cobain was murdered and I would like to thank you for sending me the information.

L. H.

Mr. Grant,

Hi. I just finished reading the latest update on the Web. I must admit, until a few days ago, I had, as had many, accepted Cobain's death as a suicide... Now, after glimpsing a bit of the bigger picture... my opinion of both Kurt and Courtney are changing. I no longer believe he committed suicide, and my thoughts are beginning to shift to murder.

I just wanted to let you know that you have won another former skeptic...

Please continue to search for truth! I am going to spread this information you have given to anyone who will listen, because it seems to me that a great injustice has been done to Kurt Cobain, and especially Frances,in the media cover-up of this whole situation.

Keep it up!
S. M.

Dear Mr. Grant,

I am a freshman at Rutgers College and a long time Kurt Cobain fan...

When I logged into your web page, I honestly was expecting to find you full of shit, a P.I. who was trying to capitalize on what I consider atragedy. After reading (and printing out to show my friends) all of your info/updates, I can honestly say that you have convinced me of the murder of Kurt Cobain... thank you for your time... continue the good work...and keep us posted.

Yours truly,

M. W.


...I brought the updates & summaries to my High School (I'm a freshman), everyone laughed at me, and was like, "Oh that case has been closed for ages. Get over it." The people who read the 1st 9 pages or so, completely changed their minds, as I did. From what you've said, my entire look on Nirvana/Kurt Cobain changed...

...My friend (a different one) said that Kurt killed himself because he's a druggie, but he didn't read any of this. I would like to tell you that this is amazing work, and I'm looking forward to the next update...


By accident I found your "Summary Of Events" and relevant updates in a Compuserve forum (go fanclub) today... and have just spent and hour or so studying them. I have to admit when it was first mentioned a year or two back that an American Private Investigator believed that Kurt Cobain was murdered I did not believe it. I was so sure that it was suicide...

I am ill from school right now with the flu and your report has made mefeel a whole lot better. Please keep up the good work... Hopefully one day the whole truth will be known and accepted by the whole of the world (including the Seattle Police Department). Don't give up...



Dear Mr. Grant,

Before I read your summaries and updates, I was really depressed about Kurt and I got really angry at people who talked about you and how Courtney planned Kurt's death and other things because I was in denial. I was extremely suicidal and even tried killing myself once by taking five Contacs. Obviously I failed... I was sad because I thought that Kurt had killed himself, I was confused, and I couldn't imagine living life knowing that he was gone.

... I don't want this letter to be really long, so I just want to say I'm elated that someone is clearing up all this confusion...


Tom Grant,

Thank you so much for sending this information to me! I've been really depressed ever since Kurt Cobain's death. I've considered suicide a number of times because of it. But I just barely finished reading your updates and summaries and I'm convinced that Kurt did not kill himself. This makes me feel a lot better. It may sound far fetched, but you could say I owe you my life. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. Kurt would be glad that you're doing this. The public has got to know!!... I'm going to tell everyone that I know about this, and hope they're not as blind as it may seem. Once again, thank you.


I'm a very big fan of Kurt Cobain... I have to admit that I have come close to suicide myself... in a big part because of "you know what"... Your work to find the truth about all this is very appreciated! I have read every single word of your investigation and before I read your investigation, I was all confused! But now it seems clearer and clearer... You're right with the media thing... They say what they want or what they are forced to say! It's time to find and say the truth about all this!!! It's far more than just a simple suicide and more than a simple murder!

I could barely say that now that I nearly know all the truth, it gives me a reason! ...

Keep up the good work. And again, you can't know how your work is appreciated...


Hi Mr Grant.

I just wanted to beg you not to drop this case ever. Gosh, you're on to something... I would have wished none of your statements are true, but I just have to believe in you. This is really really sad. I love Kurt more than myself, and I have thought a lot about suicide. It's a good thing though that I got to know of Kurt after his death or I would had went along with him. It's so sad that fans are following in his footsteps but I would have done the same...

Thanks for your attention,

Dear Tom,

Hello. I'm not really of any significance to your case. I really support you & hope you can find whoever killed Kurt... I came so close to saying - "Hey everyone look at me, just like Kurt!" BANG! Dead Nirvana fan. But I thought that he wouldn't have wanted it that way... You made a difference. You've probably saved my life, and for that Iam grateful. I owe you my life.

H. B.

Dear Tom Grant,

... You've straightened up a lot of things for me. I used to think that Kurt Cobain killed himself. I don't know why, but thinking that made me very depressed and I tried to kill myself many times. But now I am convinced that he was murdered and I'm not suicidal anymore. Thanks for clearing up the confusion...

... I hope everything goes great for you and your family... don't give up.



Hello Tom,

How's your case going? I have been spreading that Summary 1, 2, and 3 all around my school and community... and I also have been spreading the updates 1-5 all around...

I have also given those to my father... Well let me tell you, he USED TO hate Kurt Cobain. He thought he was just a druggy who got high and killed himself... But thanks to you he has changed his ways and believes Kurt is a good guy who cares for his daughter and just loves people... He also used to think that all of Kurt's fans are druggys and just little punks who walk around with chains and smoke cigarettes, but now he knows that they're kindhearted people who care about people and just enjoyed his music...and I THANK YOU very much for that.

Sincerely and from the heart,
N. H.

Dear Mr. Grant:

... As a longtime fan of Nirvana I appreciate that you are not intimidated by the powers that be and continue to expose the shocking reality of why Kurt did not kill himself. You have definitely opened my eyes and restored my admiration for Kurt by showing me that he was a man that was not selfish, and despite what his conveniently widowed wife wants everyone to think, he was willing to endure whatever pain the world and she put him through for his daughter, and did not want to die.

I eagerly look forward to new updates, and wish you good luck in your ongoing uphill battle to expose the truth.



I listened to your interview last night and I am VERY interested in this case... Thank you for your time and for honoring Kurt's death and not letting them just shut the book on it.



I have read almost everyone of Courtney's major interviews and I always found them to be contradicting. At first I was just reading your information for the hell of it, but I now honestly believe you and must commend you on your perseverance. I have always felt that he was not at a very low point in his life, but I believed the press. Now I believe you. Keep trying! As they say on The X-File, "The truth is out there."



I really thank you for continuing your investigating at such a personal risk... I am going to copy and distribute the pages you wrote and all updates and encourage them to do the same... Listening to Kurt's music, I know he wanted the simple things in life and Courtney wasn't it. He desperately wanted to get away from her. It was in his music " I'm married.. buried."

When I found out he was found dead I couldn't believe it. I instantly knew it was not suicide when he had so much to live for. His daughter, the most important thing, was left behind. It strikes me funny that Hole's album came out like a couple of weeks later. I know you will find an answer that makes sense to everyone. Suicide at the moment does not sound right to me or any of my friends.


Hi Tom,

I was online earlier tonight when someone sent me the summary and first five updates to your investigation of Kurt Cobain's death. I must admit that when I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I printed the whole thing up and gave it to my mom to read. It absolutely blew our minds!! I had no idea that it was anything other than a suicide. I went from total ignorance of any conspiracy, to consideration, to absolute and utter belief. I liked Nirvana, but I was never a really big fan and I never followed along much on his death.

After reading your reports, I have taken an immense interest in the events surrounding his death... you are dispensing the only form of justice that it is in your power to dispense. That is the pure, uncorrupted truth.

For me and the many other readers of this report, you have cleared the name of Kurt Cobain. I can't think of a greater service that anyone has done for Kurt. Hang in there, your work is not in vain... Me and the millions of other believers will know too. You said in your updates that these letters help fuel your continued investigation. I hope this one acts as a whole damn fuel tanker. Good luck, and peace.



Dear Mr. Grant,

I believe on September 25th I was lucky enough to hear you on a radio show in Chicago, (Liz Wilde at WLUP), discussing an on-going investigation you are conducting into the death of Kurt Cobain. This was a subject that interested me in that I too could never understand why someone who had so much would take their own life, when retirement seemed the obvious solution to his unhappiness...

Regardless, please continue your investigation as I believe that the young people of today need to know the truth regarding this man that they respected. Also, Kurt deserves to have the cloud lifted from his legacy.



First of all I'd like to say that I really appreciate your work and efforts on this case... I'd like to say that you are right about a comment you made in an earlier article, that adults see Kurt as a junkie and do not regard him well at all, but we as young people so to speak see Kurt as a man with a good heart, good intentions and a person who has soul when music is concerned. I also think it sucks how the police just simply don't give a shit and they do not realize that Kurt was a person, a man with feelings, not just an old rag that can be forgotten. The death (or murder ) of Kurt was a great loss, but thanks to your efforts the truth may finally come out. Keep up the good work, and don't get discouraged.


... I just assumed that KC was just another talented junkie that erased himself. I became a fan of Nirvana "Unplugged" shortly prior to the incident. I think that my opinion was somewhat influenced by the press who took C. Love at face value because they were so hungry to get a story. Keep up the good work!


Dear Mr. Grant,

I was enthralled by your interview on ROCK 103, Memphis today.... As a former investigator with the District Attorney's Office, I find this fascinating. Don't let anybody back you down. keep up your work.



I received your files on the death of Kurt Cobain from a friend. At first I didn't want to read them because I thought it would make me sad. I read them and they cleared up a lot of things. I believe in everything that you have written so far... I would also like you to know that I told all my friends about this and they're behind you in what you write. Don't give up.The truth will come out.



I wanted to thank you for caring so much about Kurt's innocence... I really hope other people will figure out that there was more to Kurt Cobain than a druggy coward who took the easy way out...

...Thank you very much!


Mr. Grant,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and tell you to keep up the good work. I recently received your summary of the investigation on the death of Kurt Cobain and five or so updates, and although I've always had my suspicions, after reading through all of your information it all clicked. I also wanted to thank you for helping to expose this to the public. I have several friends who suffer from the so-called "Copycat" ideal whom I feel will greatly benefit from reading this text. Any future updates would be greatly appreciated by both myself and those I have distributed copies of the previous to.

Thanks again...

After reading your postings documenting your investigation, I have a new attitude regarding this case. I respect the degree of thoroughness of which you have pursued this case. My only wish is to thank you for your concern for the death of Kurt Cobain. I believe, as do many, that the death was no mere suicide.


I want to believe so much that you are a fake. But everything you say makes sense...

She said she wanted to be the girl with the most cake - I think she may have gotten more than she could chew...


Thanks so much for the info. It put to rest a lot of questions milling around in my head...

...I also want to relate a fact on why I think Kurt Cobain would not have killed himself. In the book "Come As You Are: The Story Of Nirvana" (Doubleday) by Michael Azzerad, Kurt says, "I had a responsibility to the kids not to let on I was doing drugs". I feel that if he wouldn't admit he was doing drugs for sake of his younger fans, why would he blow his own head off? It just doesn't make any sense. Also, I'm really pissed off that a lot of papers and mags have alienated Mr. Grant for his investigation. It just shows you how selective the media is.


Keep up the great work!!! ...there's a whole diversity of people out here who appreciate your efforts, like myself - a research scientist inchemistry and my husband - a university administrator and my sister -an electrical engineer and my father - a Latin and Greek scholar...

We all admired Kurt's out spokenness against prejudice.

R. W.


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