Courtney Love's Opinions On This Matter

For reference, this file was last updated 3/12/96.

A few months ago a friend of mine gave me a couple of Courtney Love's America Online addresses. While naturally there should always be doubt about whether or not someone who claims to be a celeberty online really IS a celeberty online, the descriptions of the conversation with my source really didn't sound like someone trying to have some fun pretending that she was Courtney Love. For instance, the discussion was basically my source supplying Courtney with information regarding Tom Grant on the Internet. For this reason I always believed completely that it was Courtney Love.

Now I've gotten some confirmation that it really is her. The maintainer of the "Nirvana Recording Sessions FAQ" asked me to ask Courtney for help regarding Kurt's last recordings, and so I did. In the 2/24/96 edition of the HSMB (Heart-Shaped MailBox -- a Nirvana mailing list [sites down] the maintainer of popular Hole WWW site, Ralph Smith,forwarded a note of Courtney's where she went over some information regarding Kurt's last recordings. So as far as I'm concerned, that's the confirmation for those who are skeptical (as they should be) that it was indeed Courtney Love on the other end of the line.

This collection of e-mails is obviously in no way proof that Courtney Love is not guilty of the claims that Tom Grant has made, and it is not intended to be. Naturally, Courtney Love's denial means only as much as O.J.'s "did not/would not/could not" speech, which meant and means nothing. These e-mails have been put on this page for the reason that people, whether they believe Courtney Love to be guilty or not guilty, are interested in what she has to say on the matter. Once again, they are not meant to act as any sort of evidence of any kind. (And needless to say, it's my opinion that I've given enough proof that people should think twice before they just jump along with what Grant is telling us all.)

Please be advised that I will not be giving Courtney Love's address out to anyone. (Not that this matters much, since I don't believe that the address I used has worked in ages.) I promised my source that I would not; and I really can't understand why so many people have e-mailed me expecting me to give it out in the first place...

On February 9th I e-mailed Courtney to tell her about this "anti-tom" page of mine. I wasn't even sure if she still used the addresses that I'd acquired, and if she did I wasn't even expecting any responses, but I did indeed get them, and have gotten the 'okay' to publish them here.

My original e-mail:

From:             Self 

To:               Courtney Love

Subject:          anti-tomgrant page

Date sent:        Fri, 9 Feb 1996 18:20:02 -0500

A friend of mine gave me these two addresses months ago, saying that she had spoken with Courtney Love about Tom Grant, and going by the descriptions of the discussions, I doubt that these addresses are fakes. So believing that these are (or were) Courtney Love's real AOL addresses, I wanted to tell you about my Web page which tells why Grant's story is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I'm also curious about what you might think of it, but I'm not really expecting any response. The site is listed in my .sig, as I'm sure you'd like to go see it. I posted about it a little while ago in the Hole Lotta Love mailing list, and quite frankly am surprised that I've gotten NO responses from the list either through private e-mail OR in the mailing list itself!

Yeah, anyway, I know you don't like to chit chat with strangers much, so I'll say bye...


Courtney Love's first response:

From:             Courtney Love

Date sent:        Sat, 10 Feb 1996 17:02:52 -0500


Subject:          Re: anti-tomgrant page

i cannot get on the net, i will answe r whatever i choose nothing else. He

does not deserve my energy, hes already destroyed so much- but advertise that

i WILL respond-being forced to talk ballistics with yr local med examiner and

forensics w/ yr local chief of police can really make you remeber the bloody

white sheet under your mattress.

You start yr site, you can post this, i will not respond to flames.

Tjhe man does not like me WOW.

Hes also totally unsueable libving in a garage an driving a used

Datsun-noone in the legit media or world will touch him- hes got nothing, the

entire Seattle infrastructure would get homicidal, and hed be soooooo in

trouble- hes not worth my time hes horrible and gross i have  a bad

anniversary coming up

no fun...okay bye...Courtney.

From me:

From:             Self 

To:               Courtney Love

Subject:          Re: anti-tomgrant page

Date sent:        Sat, 10 Feb 1996 19:23:01 -0500

Heh, you certainly don't have to convince me that Grant has nothing. The horrible thing is that many people think that he does... -sigh- Did you want me to put that e-mail (e-mail address excluded, of course) on my web site? It looked like you hinted that you wanted me to in a couple of places, but it's hard to tell. =) Also, did you want me to send you a copy of what I have on my site, since you can't get on there yourself? I got an e-mail yesterday from someone who asked if I was you. I said 'no', and s/he said that s/he just thought it was odd that someone unconnected to you would put so much energy into disproving Grant. Just tryin' to do what's right.

One last thing--don't worry about having to answer anything. I'd never dream of asking you, or anyone in your situation to have to answer 'questions' brought out be such a disgusting person, tg. But you said to advertise that you will respond, so do you want me to say anything specific about anything on my page, or in any of the newsgroups? I'll send out any message you want, or nothing at all...


From her:

From:             Courtney Love

Date sent:        Sat, 17 Feb 1996 10:40:26 -0500


Subject:          Re: anti-tomgrant page

yeah i was advertising that and i probaly wont answer much but id appreciate

if youd put it on there- gee why would someone devote time to anti tom? whu

would someone devote time TO him???? duh...thank you clover- id like to see

whats on his site i am a retard on the newt if you could paste it up for me-

files suck i cant get them neither- so i can see what shit hes up to id

appreciate itr IMMENSLY clovcobain

From me:

At this point I went to what I call Chris Carmen's "Tom Grant's Web Page O' Lies," since that's basically what it is. I got all of the most recent versions of everything there and e-mailed them to Courtney. After doing all of that, this is basically what I had to say:

From:             Self 

To:               Courtney Love

Subject:          My own words...

Date sent:        Sat, 17 Feb 1996 18:51:35 -0500

As ludicrous as it is to think that so many people buy into this b.s., THEY DO. As for my own feelings about you, I don't respect you as much as I used to, basically because during the last year you've gotten yourself into so much trouble, and that's really damaged your creditability, especially in this case. While I still like you, I really understand why many people do not, and it might be because of that that many Internet users are easier prey to Grant's words. (I WOULD like to commend you on the fact that I haven't heard any bad stories about you recently. :)

Like I said before, I wouldn't want to belittle you by asking you questions about any of this. It's my opinion that almost everything that Grant says he is making up, and anything that he is not making up is either irrelevant to Kurt's death, or taken out of context. But if you want to say anything of your own for me to put up on my page, feel free. Most people who believe Grant probably always will, and most people who've read his stuff and think he's a lunatic probably always will, so it probably wouldn't make much of a difference. All I know is that many many many people think that you are a murderer. It's sick and unreasonable, but it's true...

Next I will send you what's on my page. Parts 1 & 2 are my official document (as official as it can be on the 'Net...) on the matter, and part 3 is someone else's take on why Grant shouldn't be believed. I'll be adding more notes like those shortly. I'm running out of space, though, and am in the process of getting my page set up on a site in the UK. Another Nirvana fan named Sean Green, screen name "Love Buzz", has basically 'given' me the space on his page over there, and we've added some pictures of you, Kurt, and Frances. We've also got a nice background over there, instead of the plain gray that's on mine. But anyway, here we go...



From:             Courtney Love

Date sent:        Mon, 19 Feb 1996 04:48:45 -0500


Subject:          Re: anti-tom pg. 1

A . all ill say is this;

 Go to the medical examiner . the chief of police, the chief and sgt in

Homicide(because of the high profile of this death they were

involved)- Grant had a PI firm for a gew months he got real luycky. I

couldnt find any lawyers so, hell, i used the yellow pages-he was/is a

failed busines"" man- also slow and inept-the people he consigned in

seattle were slow- I sent someone over to the dealers- asked him had

anyone been by? he said no...alsop lazy- Dylan says he barely loked at

the house-also he never went up to the garage or greenhouse- wich i

specifically asked as it was a "hiding" place for K.-theres nothing

more to say because the actual authorities know all...BTW the 'Rome'

note is xeroxed ....and owned by the SPD- grant (who sells tidbits to





asses sued to hell-and they know that-thats all i have to say other

than there is a date set to remove his liscence, and of course nooone

will publish his 'Novel" because its full of shit that the med

examiner and cops will vehemently deny-they have all teh  evidence

remember?If Tom grant had gotten a hold of a picture of Kurt- wed all

have seen it- Frances too when she grows up-i could NOT take seeing

such a thing, as far as our marriage PLEASE- divorce was NOT an option

to either of us/ we rarely fought and had a great marriage, PERIOD.

goodbye Courtney


From:             Self 

To:               Courtney Love

Subject:          Re: anti-tom pg. 1

Date sent:        Mon, 19 Feb 1996 09:51:02 -0500

I keep telling everyone that none of this will get to the courts anyway, because he knows that he'd be laughed out. I've been putting your e-mails to me on my page, just so you know. Anyway, all I know is that as stupid as this whole "investigation" is, it's my opinion that a lot of it can be cleared up by having some of the people involved (police, Kurt's family, friends...) get together for some sort of press conference or whatever to very openly say that they've all seen what he's been saying, and that it's all lies lies lies. I personally squirm everytime I see/hear any mention of Grant and his "investigation" in mainstream media (it was a blurb on my local radio station that made me finally create my page on the web), but the truth of the matter is that he is slowly getting more recognition in the mainstream, and more and more people are slowly becoming familiar with it all. But that's just my opinion...



From:             Courtney Love

Date sent:        Mon, 19 Feb 1996 14:24:07 -0500


Subject:          Re: anti-tom pg. 1

no hes NOT been in the mainstream media 1st mainstream that touches him-

DEAD- I will live in a trailor to get my libel suit-they know this you dont

throw around the highest felony on earth lightly. What would happen if i went

on Oprah and said Tom Cruise was gay, but had no facts just heard things id

be in JAIL inside of a year-LIBEL is not protected by 1st amendment-he has

nothing/ an old datsun lives in his dads ggarage was a CHIP for not even 6

months before getting fired . I have to appear before the board in la to

declaim his liscence....why should we-wendy, Nikolas(smexaminer),Kimball or

Cameron throw a press conference overa wacko thats his WET DREAM, i cant

believe im even responding to YOU re him-all he has is the net Now if anyone

has the call letters of any radio stations he was on or dates(its been just a

few times)Id like to know because ill o after them....thanks Courtney


From:             Self 

To:               Courtney Love

Subject:          Re: anti-tom pg. 1

Date sent:        Mon, 19 Feb 1996 16:05:06 -0500

"Mainstream" meaning stuff like radio...some magazines. He's had that KROQ interview that he's gloating about, and no doubt other radio stations around the country are bringing it up. Naturally magazines like Time and Newsweek and shit wouldn't go near him. People with brains know exactly why, but then again, when we're talking about Grant's followers we're not exactly talking about people with brains, are we...

> why should we-wendy, Nikolas(smexaminer),Kimball or

Simple--because people think he's right. A lot of people. As pathetic and disgusting as it sounds, they do.

> Now if anyone has the call letters of any radio stations he was on > or dates(its been just a few times)Id like to know because ill o > after them....thanks Courtney

Yeah, in that shit I sent you, he talks all about when he was on KROQ. In fact, he says that your "representatives" took care of not having Grant back on their morning show, so I assume you already know all about that.

Getting back to the press conference...hey, I'm 18, what the fuck do I know. =) It's just that the Grant-followers seem to have no common sense, and it seems that the only way for them to begin to see behind Grant would be for the people involved to say, "Hey, guys, it's us, he's lying." Whatever. You know what's best. I just want to help serve as your "informant" about the people on the 'Net, and how they perceive all of this. And while I'm certainly not alone with my disgust of Grant, we seem to be in the minority.

I hope I'm not upsetting you or anything...or sounding like I'm more important than I am... This sure isn't how I'd choose to leave Kurt's memory. But everytime I see Grant's name...UGH!


After that I didn't receive any more mail regarding that. At the end of February, a correspondence of mine sent me copies of the different parts of a new article of a magazine called "High Times". It deals with Grant, Hank Harrison (Courtney Love's father, for those who don't know), and some other stuff. Harrison addresses some things that Courtney Love has said about him, such as claiming that he molested her as a child and gave her acid, and he says that none of that is true. I won't be putting that stuff of his on this site (most likely), but I forwarded those messages to Courtney, and this is what she had to say about it all:

From:             Courtney Love

Date sent:        Wed, 28 Feb 1996 20:49:01 -0500


Subject:          Re: (Fwd) High Times articles (3)

high times smoked a few joints too many...get to the part about the"dream

machine" hooboy! Allso Hank OWNING something EG a House? HA!  The guy is on

WELFARE I've NEVER lived with him and have met him about ten times in my

life. Yukky- its about my mother w/ him also he thinks that through me he was

some conduit that gave Kurt his Voice so ultimately this insane megalamaniac-

says that...KURT is really HANK-eg Voice Of A Generation rather than pathetic

parasite/petty thief/child molester/All TRANSCRIPTS OF HIS CUSTODY BATTLE



detail but anyone in the bay area can find them 1968-Risi/vs harrison or

State vs Harrison.....hes the lowest blowhole cretin, his mother took the

stand ccused him of some sick shit in that transcript- he was not allowed to

EVER be near me my entire life by ourt order in the 60s! HARSH! Even

Molester/incest protaganists get a monitered day here and ther so fill in the

blanks bout the things he did to the infant child of a weathy woman who slept

with him once dosed on acid. Him and Tom Grant are peas in a pod- unsuable,

and uselesss- im not angry- its too typical, ba bing he hit the

jackpot.....just gross.

Here's another thing that I wanted to mention about Hank. In that article he clearly says that he never met Kurt Cobain. Shortly after Kurt's suicide, there was this prime-time tabloid/magazine show on FOX that only lasted a few episodes, and one episode was dedicated to Kurt; you know, the suicide... That was the first time I saw Mr. Harrison. On that show he talked about how he had been corresponding often with Kurt, either over AOL or of those two services. But now he says that they never met, never spoke. Is Harrison a creditable person? I think not.

Anyway, she wrote this back to me after I sent her the most recent (at that time) version of my document, which had been updated a lot since the original copy that I gave her:

From:             Courtney Love

Date sent:        Tue, 12 Mar 1996 03:28:08 -0500


Subject:          Re: anti-tom II

you can post this;

 In order for me to revoke Grants liscence I haave to goto CPublic Affairs

and be face to face with the loon.

 I have no problem with it-my lawyers wrote the Public Affairs people and

think its sorta sadistic aftere what this guys putting

us(Bean,Brieann,Wendy,Kim,Me,Rosemary) through-but if it takes being in the

same room i dont care-hes broken every law and statute pertaining to

mPrivatee Investigation. They are all Crazed-these conspiracy people-I dont

care,oh BTW the Lexus? Puhleese! We went out one daay bought a eally spendy

black car-drove it around got totally stared at and felt mortified like we

were sellouts- so we returned it within 18 hours of buting it.Ok? whoopy. As

Ive said If the Med Examiner or the Police felt anything contrary they

wouldnt hesitate to jump on it, I called one of the seaargeants when Grant

started his big bingo$$$$ thing-worried-DID something wierd happen? He said

im quoting"Courtney if you walked in here right now and said everything this

man says is gospel we would tell you to take a xanax and go home-what are you

going to tell us that he doesnt LIKE you"-hes insane take care of your baby

and let go of his bullshit" UOTE...ok? thanks CLC

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