Halperin and Wallace

A book by Halperin and Wallace, "Who Killed Kurt Cobain? : The Mysterious Death of an Icon", Claims Kurt was murdered. The book mainly relies on hearsay and doesn't offer incontrovertible proof Kurt was murdered. (1)

One of the authors had his credibility questioned, in the past. Ian Halperin's book "Celine Dion: Behind the Fairy Tale," claimed that Celine had a crush on Michael Jackson, she danced with him, and dressed like him. Celine's lawyer adamantly denies all of these accusations in a communication that threaten the National Enquirer with a lawsuit if they ran an excerpt from the book. (2)

What about the December 1994 interview with SPD's, Sergeant Donald Cameron who said forensic evidence made murder a near impossibility? He said he could not release this information due to Ms Loves wishes. (3)

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