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A communication from the "coroners" office

I have a communication from Risk Management for the Department of Public Health for King County. In it they say "King County Medical Examiner's Office does not disclose toxicology results".

A note of interest. I wonder how anyone could find out what the heroin levels were in Kurts blood. I have a letter I from the Seattle police department that said reports and records of autopsies and postmortems are confidential. The citation they gave for this law is RCW 68.50.105. So any mention of heroin should read alleged heroin.

A few press reports did say Kurt was back on drugs but, the presence of drug paraphernalia could indicate this.

So again an allegation is disproved. I will keep the rest of my page up as a "what if"?

The proof of the triple overdose from heroin seems to come, not from official documents but a media report of an alleged interview with the coroner. Even though I have never been supplied with a clipping, the name of the paper or even proper citation for the article should we assume that everything that appear in print is credible? (Click here for example). No such a claim ( one of their most important claims) MUST be back with official documentation

Also how come the police did not report anything that looked like a struggle? How many people would it take to forcefully and successfully inject Kurt? Why would they then shoot Kurt with a shotgun, and then forge the note. It was public knowledge that Kurt had fled drug rehab. It wouldn't have been that unusual for someone to flee rehab, and then end of dead of a overdose. But why would they leave possible evidence that might point to foul play?

Kurt's History with Heroin

Murder theorist seem to want reconstruct Kurt's image. They want everyone to believe Kurt was the " Barney" for generation X.

They claim anyone who really knew Kurt wouldn't believe he was on drugs. Some believe that Courtney might be responsible for any drug use Kurt experienced. Krist Novoselic disagrees "He did it before he even met Courtney. Courtney did not get Kurt on drugs" noted. (1)

Krist offered to get Kurt some food, at a local restaurant. Krist the realized that Kurt drug dealer live near the restaurant. Krist said about this incident "His dealer was right by there. He just wanted to get fucked up into oblivion. There was no talking to him. He wanted to escape. He wanted to die, that was what he was going to do. " (2)

Dylan Carlson said "He defiantly used a lot of dope" he continued "I wanted to get high and still be able to something, but he wanted to do so much he couldn't do anything. He always wanted to do more than he needed to do " (3)

Hole band mate Carolyn Rue when speaking of the level of Kurt Heroin use the said "Kurt talked about taking drugs like it was so fucking natural" she continued "But it wasn't". Even in drug circles Kurt Drug use was high.(4)

Courtney called record exec. Danny Goldberg to try to get him to go to the intervention "You've got to come. I'm afraid he's going to kill himself or hurt someone" (5)

When Kurt arrived at Exodus Recovery Center he met band member of the butt hole surfers Gibby Haynes who said about Kurt appearance "He looked sick and tired of being sick and tired" (6)

A silly argument for murder is the fact needle marks where on both arms. This isn't unusual for addicts have needle marks on both arms. Many are experience enough to inject with either hand.

The claim is that Kurt had triple the "lethal" amount of heroin in his body. What isn't said and is more important is the (heroin byproduct) metabolite level in Kurt's blood.

Kurt past heroin use is critical to his condition after the alleged heroin over dose.

The levels of heroin in Kurt's blood have been reported on the net to be at 1.53 ML/MG. Its also claimed that Kurt would have to have taken around 250 Mg's(Milligrams) Enough to put Kurt into an immediate coma. By gosh a "toxicologist" has said so, or that the claim. This heroin could have taken answer from a few seconds to five minutes to take effect.

General information on heroin use.

The Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs said "The amounts of morphine or heroin needed to kill a non-addict have been variously estimated at 120 milligrams, 200 milligrams, 250 milligrams, and 350 milligrams though it has also been noted that non-addicts have survived much larger doses."(7)

This report further stated that studies at Rockefeller Hospital in New York City under the direction of Dr Vincent P Dole, addicts who were on Methadone maintenance doses of 40 milligrams to 80 milligrams of methadone, a synthetic narcotic were given as much as 200 milligrams of unadulterated heroin in a single intravenous injection. They showed "bad no change in respiratory center or any other vital organs."(8)

Research at the Jefferson Medical Center in Philadelphia in the 1920s showed that addicts could tolerate up to a nine fold increase in the concentration of their standard, already large, dose. These researchers estimated that a toxic dose of heroin would be at least 500 milligrams for nonusers and 1800 milligrams for addicts.(9)

Dr Lawrence Kolb, reported in 1925 that it took dose of between 900 to 1,800 milligram a day to completely abolished potency. Though desire was reduced at lower levels. (10)

Heroin levels use in recent research on the effectiveness of patches that detect heroin use also call into question the claims triple overdose levels. During this study researchers gave subjects intravenously two or three doses of heroin ranging from 80 to 1000 mg a day.(11)

Also what about the large pool of blood that was reportedly (in SPD police reports) found at the scene? If Kurt was already dead, and his heart had stopped beating how can you account for the large pool of blood to the left of Kurt?

So evidence indicates that Kurt very well might have survived and been able to function after his heroin injection. Did he have Valium in his system, as urban legend claims? So what if he had a trace amount of Valium in his system? His body stopped processing drugs within a few minutes of the shotgun blast. Any residual drugs could have been there from days before he died.

The question of kurt's sleeves

The SPD report says the coroner saw two needle marks on Kurt's arms at the murder scene. So this could cast a shadow of doubt on the claims Kurt had his sleeves rolled down when he was found. How could the coroner see needle marks on Kurt's arms with his sleeves rolled down?? Why would he roll up the sleeves of someone who died from a head injury?? The simplest answer seems to be the coroner rolled down Kurts sleeves before the photo that appeared in Seattle paper was taken

Also considering Kurt knew very well how my heroin would cause an overdose. It defies logic that he would sit there and allow one person to inject him with a triple overdose level. In reality, he would have fought for his life. So, he would have to be restrained, how many people would it take to restrain him enough to inject him with heroin? The circle grows even larger, maybe too large for someone like Courtney to pull it off and get away with it.

Did Kurt share heroin with someone, namely the assassin? If Kurt was in enough fear for his life to buy a shotgun, flee a drug rehab center, or anything else that is claimed by theorist. Why would he allow anyone to inject him with heroin when he was most probably capable of doing it himself?

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