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Kurt credit card

Was there an attempt to use Kurt's credit card the day after Kurt Died?

The Seattle Police follow up report on 4/11/1994 at 11:00, says that they could not be sure of when the transactions took place on Cobain's credit cards. They could have been used before he died.

This is also a non-issue, the fact Kurt was on a runner (drug binge), and Kurt was worth a lot of money. So it's easy to imagine that someone Kurt had partied with stole his credit card.

Also consider, that Mr. Grant claims Courtney was the one who asked about the use of the credit card first. Why would she? This would only make people wonder.

Finding Kurt's body

People knew that Kurt was dead before the body was found.

Just before Kurt's suicide Kurt, was in a coma due to a drug overdose in Rome . The treating doctor "foresaw" Kurt's death.

Kurt had a serious drug problem, with numerous near death overdoses. It wouldn't be unusual this person to end up dead. I have yet to see any police report that claimed "Kurt's dead from a single shotgun blast to the head. His body is in the room above the garage" before his was body was found. I believe that such a document would show gross misconduct by law enforcement.

When Kurt overdosed on Rohypnol (in Rome) it was his fourth for that year. Isn't that self-destructive? Would it be a stretch of the imagination that he would be found dead when he was found after he fled a drug rehab center?

The Rome overdose

Could Kurt's drug induced coma in Rome be partly to blame?

Krist Novoselic noticed a change in Kurt after the coma in Rome and wondered if Kurt suffered brain damage. Krist said, "He wouldn't listen to anybody" and continued "he was fucked up". Dylan Carlson also said "He didn't seem as alive. Before he had more to him; after he seemed monochromatic ". (1)

Consider Darrell Hall. Darrell was well off who once thrived in his companies boardroom. That was until he woke from a two-week coma, caused by a beating. He woke a different man, his business collapsed, his marriage failed, his memory is faulty, and he suffers from poor concentration. Darrell is surviving on state benefits. (2)

Coma's can cause brain damage. Even mild brain damage can cause attention and concentration difficulties, memory impairments, irritability, depression, anxiety, headache, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, and sensory impairments. Some of these symptoms can last long term.(3)

Love arrested?

Some conspiracy theorists have claimed MS Love voluntarily entered drug rehab for an alibi. When Kurt's Body was found. This is incorrect, MS Love was arrested,and not voluntarily either. It makes you wonder if they are wrong about this what else are they wrong about.

The family friend and lawyer

Cobain's attorney Rosemary Carroll, allegedly said several things to investigator Tom Grant. I say allegedly because for her to divulge anything would be a violation of ethics and "attorney client privilege " so this might to her credibility as a "witness" or to the validity of the statement.

Also consider this correspondence apparently from Tom Grant to Rosemary. It seems MS Caroll disagrees with Mr. Grant on his theories. I also notice the "threat" that's at the end of the letter. It might be argued that he (Mr. Grant) still believes Courtney's guilt in the letter. But.

A. He's smart enough not to put anything in the letter that could be used later. He was a member of the LA County Sheriffs Department.

B. The demented little monkey might really believe what he thought, MS Carroll said.

C. Also Ms Caroll and or others might have made a reckless an offhand remark that was misunderstood, or distorted. We would have to know what was going on before whatever was alleged to be said was said with real documentation.

Hit man for hire?

No "real" facts are given surrounding the April 19, 1997, death of Eldon Hoke. What are the facts in the case? Its hard to say if this should be related unless we know the facts. The Oct 2000 issue of spin magazine (4) describes Eldon as a heavy drinker. This could explain his bizarre death, it would also call into question what he BELIEVES was said. If he believed what he said was true he would pass any lie detector no matter how strange the claim.

Eldon could have been drunk when thought he heard something. There also confabulation. Confabulation is someone really and honestly believes something happened that didn't. If you ad in the possibility of the power of suggestion this weakens the facts surrounding Eldon's statements.

Heading divorce/bankruptcy?

None of the conspirators have offer solid proof Courtney Love would have been broke IF her and Kurt divorced. I have yet to see any income tax statements of MS loves on the net.

Though the business end of Nirvana was profitable, it wasn't as profitable as many thought. Nirvana had numerous expenses, large expanses. Kurt said in 1993 "If we were to just play clubs, we'd be totally in the hole. We're not nearly was rich as everyone think we are."(5)

Kurt certainly did love his daughter. In fact he wrote "I swear that if I ever find myself in a similar situation [to what] you've been in( ie the divorce), I will fight to the death to keep the right to provide for my child "(6). We have to wonder if in Kurt drug induced haze, he didn't want his daughter growing up the daughter of a celebrity junkie (7). He may have wanted to spare he the humiliation from a cruel world. The above quote also speaks to the alleged prenuptial agreement. What if he lost the custody fight? It sounds like he would be more than willing to support his daughter.

Lets say its true Kurt and Courtney where divorcing. Would Courtney be left penniless? No! Courtney probably would not have been left destitute no matter what the prenuptial agreement said.

No one has offered to show, anyone the agreement. The agreement could have said anything if it really exists. If they are just assuming what the agreement said without seeing it, they are just blowing smoke? Regardless this is what a legal resource says about these agreements.

Prenuptial must be fair and cannot leave someone destitute.

In order for Courtney not to get any or less money, Kurt would have had to win sole custody of Frances. If not according to this legal source she would have received even more in child support.

Also what about overdoses he had in the past year. Would a judge award Kurt Custody of his daughter if he had numerous drug overdoses in the past year?

Antenuptial agreements (prenuptial agreements) can also take into consideration what happens to a person's property when they die. Conspiracy theorist cannot produce an amendment or proposed change to the agreement (or the agreement in general) saying what will happen to Kurt's estate after he died. (8)

If as some have said Kurt bought a gun because he feared Courtney why wouldn't he attempt to change the agreement? This would have had a two-fold effect.

A. He might have been able to change the document because of the (being in fear of his life) new issue.

B. It would have left a public document that would have shown Kurt's fears.

Overlooked rationality

Kristen Pfaff's death

Mentioning the death of Kristen Pfaff a former hole band member serves nothing. What would be the motive for killing her?? I am sure at least one can be made up.

Kristen Pfaff, was found dead in her bath tub holding a bag of suspected drug paraphernalia.(9)

Two of Kristen's friends said she locked the door and about half hour later they heard snoring. They said this wasn't unusual.(10)

Hiding out?

Kurt might have been in fear for his life, enough to buy a shotgun, why would he stay somewhere where is wife could find him if he was afraid of her?

The second note

The alleged second note, so what if she did have a second note? What would this prove? Wouldn't she be allowed to keep a second note to herself??

The gun

For some reason murder theorist have made a big deal about Kurt's gun being loaded for "protection". The logic is truly bizarre. Suicide being an act of impulse the shotgun original intent could have been for protection. Comments about Kurt buying shells that where "loaded" for protection is also strange. Along with the fore mentioned reason the gun might have been loaded originally for protection. We also have to consider that Kurt might have wanted a lighter load so the shot would not go through the walls.

What about Kurt's dad?

Do murder theorist believe that Kurt's dad who worked for the Washington State Patrol (11) would allow his sons case to botched? He loved his son and would have never allowed a false ruling to stand. He also had connections within Washington state law enforcement to get things done.

Slashed tires

Some people have claimed the murderer slashed automobile tires to keep Kurt from escaping the murder. No, Courtney slashed the tires to keep Kurt from fleeing during the intervention. (12)

The shotgun blast and force field

The theory goes, the assassin placed the shotgun in Kurt's mouth and pulled the trigger. This means he/she would have to be extremely close. Shotguns being what they are blow holes into people sending blood, and tissue flying in all directions.

This raises questions. How could the assassin keep from being covered in blood? How could he/she keep from leaving some sort of trail as he/she exited the room, and fled?

Remember an already dead (from an alleged triple heroin overdose) Kurt had to be placed into the chair (and held into place) then shot for the murder theory to work. Could Kurt have been shot then had his body moved into position?? That would have only spread more blood around, and gotten the assassin more covered in blood.

A Magic Shell???

It has been alleged that it is strange that a shell was found to the left of Kurt instead of the right. Yes shotguns do eject shells to the right. But Kurt was holding the shotgun upside down as reported in the SPD police reports. So this could account for the shell being on the left.It all depends on if the ejection port was facing the left or right. This could change depending on if Kurt turn the gun clockwise or counter clock wise.

Kurt's song

Kurt Never thought about suicide? Nirvana deleted on track from their last album it was called "I Hate Myself and Want to Die" the topic of this song was suicide. (REALITY BITES LIFE AT THE TOP WAS FAR FROM NIRVANA FOR KURT COBAIN. BUT COULD ANYONE HAVE SAVED HIM?; SOURCE: Dana Kennedy and Benjamin Svetkey, Entertainment Weekly 04-22-1994

Faith no more and Kurt

If Kurt was in rehab to hide from Courtney why would he refuse to return to rehab? But if he was forced to deal with an addition there we could understand why he wouldn't want to return. A band member of Faith No more reportedly riding around with Kurt Before his death and his flight to Seattle. The band member of faith no more reported that Kurt tried to jump from car when they tried to return him to rehab. The source said, "They were driving down a freeway, and Kurt was trying to jump out of the car,". (REALITY BITES LIFE AT THE TOP WAS FAR FROM NIRVANA FOR KURT COBAIN. BUT COULD ANYONE HAVE SAVED HIM?; SOURCE: Dana Kennedy and Benjamin Svetkey, Entertainment Weekly 04-22-1994

Kurt's record company

There have been allegations that Gold Mountain records supplied Kurt Cobain Drugs to feed his addiction. Gold Mountain strongly denies this. It might also indicate Kurt's Drug use and a willingness to hide it (REALITY BITES LIFE AT THE TOP WAS FAR FROM NIRVANA FOR KURT COBAIN. BUT COULD ANYONE HAVE SAVED HIM?; SOURCE: Dana Kennedy and Benjamin Svetkey, Entertainment Weekly 04-22-1994

An opinion on Love

Jack Endino a producer who that worked on Nirvana's debut album Bleach felt blaming Courtney for Kurt's death was unfair he said "Courtney is going to be pummeled by the media, but I'm not sure she deserves it," and he continued "If anything, I think she kept him around longer than he might have been otherwise. There's no doubt whatsoever that they loved each other, and that he was devoted to Courtney and the baby, which makes it even more baffling that he'd end it." (REALITY BITES LIFE AT THE TOP WAS FAR FROM NIRVANA FOR KURT COBAIN. BUT COULD ANYONE HAVE SAVED HIM?; SOURCE: Dana Kennedy and Benjamin Svetkey, Entertainment Weekly 04-22-1994

You'd have to wonder about Kurt's mentality if he used a drug rehab facility to flee from Courtney because she was trying to kill him. This means he left his only daughter in the hand of a murder. Courtney is not all powerful.

The Feds?

Every theory I have says there was some sort of payment for killing Kurt. Murder for hire is also a federal charge (The FBI Jurisdiction). (Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 1995 [Part 15 of 125]; Contemporary Women's Issues Database 01-01-1995). Also consider that it has been proposed to be a interstate crime(, and this is handled by the FBI, also. Why has the FBI not jump into this case?

Attack of armchair shrinks

Sites repeatedly engage in armchair psychiatry trying to diagnose MS Love with several mental illnesses. To date I have yet to see one official psychiatric examination of MS Love.

There have been claims that Courtney fits a psychological profile that would allow her to be responsible for 3 or more murders. Conspiracy theorist believe she's responsible for the deaths of Kurt Cobain husband, her band mate Kristen Pfaff, and Eldon Hoke (El Duce) who's tie into their theory.

This could classify her as a serial killer. Being involved with one murder would be bad enough on the emotions and your mental health, also consider the strain at an increased risk of being caught. To Arbitrarily kill one person would take a "special" person. More than one would definitely take a "special" person.(13)

Research (14) has found that female serial killers (some killed numerous people for personal gain). have certain things in common. They:

Were from a lower socioeconomic class at the time of the murders: Courtney was worth millions at the time of Kurt's death.

They had a lack of education and employment skills at the time of the murders: Courtney had a film and music career at the time of Kurt's death.

Their victims showed no evidence of sexual assault, mutilation, or dismemberment: What of the shot gun blast to the head to an already dead Kurt as murder supporters claim happened?

It's extremely rare for them to use more than one weapon. What about the claimed A shotgun blast and lethal Heroin OD?

The weapon of death isn't immediately obvious: The police noticed the head wound and needle Marks on Kurt's arms.

Researchers of this same study made interesting when they commented on aggression. " Benign aggression is defensive in nature and is designed to promote life and preserve vital interests. Malignant aggression, by contrast, is destructive and unique to human beings.".

Even MS Love's greatest supporters couldn't argue against Courtney showing benign aggression. The question is could she show the other kind of aggression?

Odd things related to Courtney.

Anyone who's noticed Courtney's career notices she's a self-publicizing machine. That's neither good nor bad, its all a part of being celebrity. I find it hard to believe that the same person could possibly keep a conspiracy of this size secret for long. Also considering the police have busted her for more minor things. I think its improbable they would look the other way on a murder charge.

Something to think about what if someone else was charged with Kurt's death. The payout of book, movie and other royalties that would be related to crime would be A LOT LESS. When you compare the money that would be made if a well-known person did it.

Kurt looked ok a few days before

Why didn't Kurt appear suicidal to the few people who had contact with him before his death? Many lay people see no sign before a suicide.

can a suicidalperson mask their depression with happiness? SAVE - "Suicide Awareness Voices of Education". Why do people attempt suicide when they appear to have been feeling so much better?

More information from a pro.

Suicide SurvivorsCynthia Pfeffer, M.D.

Many professionals miss the possibility of suicide even after rigorous exams consider this quote (15).

"Forty-three consecutive Israeli male suicides, 18 to 21 years of age, that occurred during compulsory military service were studied using pre induction assessment data, service records, and extensive postmortem interviews with family and peers. At pre induction, subjects, as a group, appeared above average in intelligence, physical fitness, and measures predictive of successful adaptation to military service. Active duty performance was generally satisfactory. Ascertained post mortem, 53.5% met formal criteria for major depressive disorder; most cases, however, appeared recent and reactive. Narcissistic and/or schizoid traits were common. Substance abuse was absent and antisocial personality disorder was rare (4.7%). Furthermore, in eight patients (18.6%) no Axis I diagnosis could be made; half of these also lacked any significant Axis II pathology. These findings, at partial variance with US studies, suggest a complex relationship between suicide and mental disorder. The striking failure of intensive screening and preventive measures to prevent these suicides highlights unresolved questions of etiology and intervention."

Another worthless piece of evidence is that psychologist at Exodus said Kurt was not suicidal. Suicidal impulses can happen ANY TIME (days, weeks, even months) during the recovery process(15b). The assertion his friends didn't notice Kurt being suicidal is even goofier. They are not trained psychologist. As mentioned above even trained psychologist miss suicidal impulses.

Even the system can be wrong

So what if some evidence points to Courtney being a murder. This doesn't mean she guilty. "Some evidence" could point to anyone being the murderer.

Serious errors and rush to judgments happen all too frequently in murder cases. 90 percent of the states with a death penalty states had an error rate (during a capitol trial) of 52% or higher. 85% had an error rate 60% or higher, 3 fifths had an error rate of 70% or higher.

A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases, 1973-1995.You need adobe acrobat.

One study in 1987 identified 350 examples of miscarriages of justice in capitol cases. Within these 350 cases 49 of them had the accused making a false confession (16).

Tom Grant, for at least a short time was a member of the LA Sheriffs Department. Does this mean we should treat everything he says as gospel, that he is a cut above the rest. No, the police are human and are capable of being mistaken or even show out and out corruption and vindictiveness.

Even though the majority of police may be honest, hard working and caring people this shouldn't blind us the fact some officers stray from the honorable path of their profession. An example could be an online report (Off site opens in own screen) about the Los Angeles Police department. This report talks of corruption, police brutality, and etc. Just because a police officer says it doesn't make it so.

If your thinking "well the LAPD is different than the county Sheriffs department", Sadly the sheriffs department has had its own problems.

The Seattle police follow up report said on 4-25-1994 The Seattle PI firm Tom grant Hired would have no more business with Tom Grant. They said Mr. Grant hurried them and gave them limited information.


It's doubtful that conspiracy theorist, are in Nirvana's inner circle. At least no more than the press would be. So its next to impossible to know if Courtney or Nirvana band members were upset because of the cancellation of the Lollapalooza tour.

The reason cited by the media ( 17) was Kurt's health problems. This same media report quoted Courtney as saying about Nirvana backing out of Lollapalooza, "I don't care about Lollapalooza," she continued "I just don't ever want to see him [Cobain] on the floor like that again".

This report also said Janet Billig of Gold Mountain records Kurt Backed out of Lollapalooza on the advice of his physician. A 4-11-1994 issue of USA Today also cited Kurt's Health problems as a reason to back out of Lollapalooza.

This conspiracy theory might shed light on why Kurt would kill himself. People have already convicted Courtney on shaky evidence at best. The evidence reads like a "Hollywood script". Sadly life is never what its like on TV or the movies. Kurt won't be doing any sequels. The conspiracy sites also strip Kurt of his humanity. Kurt was human, along with his good points he had bad points. That's what made Kurt, Kurt.

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