Ritalin is a prescription drug that is prescribed for hyperactivity. What are Ritalins adverse effects? Could these adverse reactions some how played a role in Kurt's later life?


The use of Ritalin can cause a decrease in blood flow to the brain.(1)Ritalin can cause mild Cortical atrophy. Cortical atrophy has been associated with in some cases alcoholism and substance abuse.(2)

Other researchers Researchers are also concerned with possible brain changes associated with Ritalin.

A study published in Psychiatry Research in 1990 showed 76% children given amphetamines showed perseverative /compulsive behaviors.

The New Scientist April 1998 issue cited researcher Susan Schenk concern that child exposed to Ritalin were more likely to develop a taste for cocaine. Research also shows that this effect could last after the exposure to Ritalin has ended as reported in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior Vol 47.

Data presented in the Journal of Learning Disabilities presented by Nadine Lambert showed children who take Ritalin where more likely to smoke tobacco. The Drug Czar(opens in own screen) Barry McCaffrey, has labeled tobacco a gateway drug If the drug czar assertions are true I wonder why Barry McCaffry has been silent about children being exposed to what could be described as the mother of all gateway drugs.

A study of children who have hyperactivity and have been treated with medication and/or behavioral therapy as children.

In this study this group was compared against a group of children who were hyperactivity. Though the conductors of this study argued that there is no evidence that treating hyperactivity causes drug abuse. The sheer difference of the numbers 10%(treated hyper kids) to (untreated normal kids) 1% also shows therapy and drug treatment doesn't prevent it either.(3)

All in all Ritalin may or may not have been a negative factor in Kurt's life. Even if it were a minor factor sometimes it take so little to cause a person to make the wrong decisions.

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