Effects of antidepressants

Throughout Kurt's life he was given different medications for depression. Could antidepressants have played a role in Kurt's suicide?

In 1990 a psychiatric journal wrote "Antidepressants occasionally promote suicidal actions in severely depressed patients by enhancing drive and counteracting psychomotor retardation."(1)

"Prescription for disaster" written by Thomas Moore reported that the 3 most popular antidepressants Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil each cause over 200 different adverse reactions, and was discontinued by about 15% of users due adverse reactions. It also said "However, there is no way of knowing how many cases of mania moderate or severe are being triggered by antidepressant drugs."(2)

We also must consider the more than 100 lawsuits against Prozac manufacturer Eli Lilly claiming that Prozac made them suicidal or homicidal.(3)

If these medications are so dangerous, why is anyone using or prescribing them? Have pharmaceutical firms used undue influence on physicians in an attempt to promote their drug over other therapies? Possible inappropriate actions by the medical establishment include the estimated $10,000 dollars a year per physician drug companies spend on "physician education". Another example is the Columbia University office of clinical trials that generates about 10 million dollars a year in testing new medicines, much of which is granted to Columbia Psychiatric Institute for doing this research. It's (Columbia Psychiatric Institute) director was being paid $140,000 a year by drug companies to tour the country and promote their drugs. Where would these loyalties lie with pharmaceutical companies or patients?(3)

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