"Treatment Alternatives"

Kurt had a major drug problem, but did the people in Kurt's life have a full vision of all the alternatives that lay before them? A few alternatives to the usual "get tough" war on drugs mentality exist. A few are


The National Institute of Health said "There are other situations, such as addiction", that acupuncture may work on.(1) A study indicated people treated with acupuncture where more likely to remain opiate free, and for a longer period of time than people treated with Methadone.(2)

LSD, After a year being treated with LSD 25% remained free from opiate use as opposed to 5% of the group that did not receive treatment.

Ibogaine, After being treat with Ibogaine, lab rats decreased their opiate intake for several weeks.(3)

"Heroin maintenance" as opposed to methadone

Though methadone is currently use it does have drawbacks like withdrawal symptoms being worse, and harder to manage than heroin. After 12 months of a heroin maintenance program researchers found the following.(4)

Condition Start of program End of program
Bad physical health 27% 10%
Poor mental health 48% 18%
Daily illegal herion use 86% 3%
Illegal income sources 70% 14%
Employed full or part time 16% 50%

Rational recovery

Researchers who studied rational recovery found of the people who joined rational recovery after 30 days 38% were drug free, after 90 days this number rose to 73%.(5)

No one can really say what would have happen if Kurt's friends and family had these options. Though I must believe that if they had these options Kurt would still be alive today.


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