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Yes, Nick Broomfield's movie "Kurt and Courtney" caused a great deal of controversy when it was released.

"Kurt and Courtney" wasn't the only one of Nick Broomfield's films to cause controversy. Lily Tomlin, unsuccessfully sued Mr. Broomfield to prevent the release of film that MS Tomlin felt she was portrayed as paranoid. In a 1994 film Margaret Thatcher said Mr Broomfield is ``trying his level best to make me look like the monster I am clearly not''. (1)

You'd have to wonder ( During Kurt and Courtney) about El Duce, who's phrase "if you give me another beer, I'll tell you more", his strange gestures, and El Duce doing his best 'Charles Manson' stare during interview. (2) For Mr. Broomfield there were no questions about this odd character. He placed him in his film and gave El Duce and his band, the mentors publicity

During a newspaper article Broomfield claimed, that Ms Love was trashing him on the Howard Stern show. Yet the day of the alleged Love Trashing Ms Love and her band hole were giving interviews in Toronto. (3)

People wonder why Ms love hasn't sued. Mr. Broomfield could provide an answer. Though he was worried about the suit being successful at first. Mr. Broomfield said ``All she did, in a way, was publicise the film,''. Why should she do that? (4)

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