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Conspiracy theorist chime that there are numerous handwriting experts who claim that parts of the Cobain suicide letter are a forgery. This isn't the only document that was alleged to be forged. On 4-21-94 Tom Grant called the Seattle Police Department and said experts had changed their mind they now said the letter that was written by Calli and the note "yr pen pal Courtney" was written by the same person. He also said experts weren't positive.(1)

On the subject of the validity of the suicide note. The Seattle Police Department sent a sample of handwriting known to be Kurt Cobains and compared it to the suicide note. Forensic Document examiner Janis Parker concluded the suicide note was written by Kurt Cobain.(2)

When analyzing handwriting, experts give their Opinion. The TV show hired four experts one said the entire note was written by one person and was similar to other samples of Cobain's handwriting. The others came up with a verdict of inconclusive (3 )

Murder proponents provided no list experts or other evidence of forgery to the Seattle Police Department. I must wonder where the experts are? The conspiracy theorist claim to have them.

Conspiracy theorist claim they can tell the note left by Kurt was not a suicide note. Experts have said lay people are unaware of the "essential hallmarks of a suicide note." Studies have been unable to isolate what characteristics allow people to tell if the note is genuine. These notes do not go by any certain formula. (4 )

An note of interest a quote attributed to Kurt is "I'd rather die than divorce." Interesting since many people thought Kurt and Courtney where heading for divorce.

The text of the note can be found on my Courtney section.

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