Matlockian, murder theorists have claimed that the motive for multiple murders was Courtney's impending divorce. The result of this divorce would have left her destitute.

If a prenuptial agreement was in place, the reality is Courtney would not have been left destitute. To be valid a prenup cannot be "unconscionable". "An unconscionable agreement generally is defined as one that is so one-sided and oppressive that no person in his or her right mind would sign it without duress, coercion, or fraud."( BREAKING UP Can Be Easier Than You Might Imagine Relevancy: 100; ( USA Today Magazine ) Andrew D. Eichner; 11-01-1998 Size: 18K Reading Level: 11.)

Some have claimed the motive for (multiple ) murder was Courtney wanted all the money. Though numerous "Hollywood scripts" have used this. Realistically this theory is bizarre, when you consider the level of insanity needed to carry this out and the incredibly increased risk of getting caught.

Would someone who has this level of insanity be able to complete a mass murder plot and get away with it?

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