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The claim that there were no latent fingerprints on the shot gun that killed Kurt Cobain is false.

Police records show, T. Geronimo examined the weapon for prints, and lifted four cards of latent prints, none of these prints where legible.(1)

Murder theorists want you to believe that, after someone killed Kurt, they magically saw the fingerprints and wiped off all but four of them . Most finger prints are cannot be seen by the naked eye so how could anyone tell if they were legible or illegible? The most likely source of these four prints were the police had to pry the shotgun from Kurt's hands.(2) Another question, if someone placed the gun in Kurt's hands, how could they make him grip the shotgun after he died?

Also other factors can affect the longevity of prints or the recovery of prints. Two factors are the climate of the green house, and the gun was located between Kurt's legs for several days

The claim " there was no prints on the pen Kurt used to write the note, shows a level contempt for Love and desperation conspiracy folks have for people to nail Courtney and the hell with reality. Think about the size of a pen. A pen was found stabbed in a mound of dirt, as noted in Seattle police department. Wouldn't palm erase any fingerprints?

Other things to consider about fingerprints

Did the person gathering the prints attend successfully complete the one-week FBI classification course, and one week FBI latent print techniques course? The FBI gives certificates on attending the course not just successfully completing the course. Did they obtain the title of Certified Latent Print Examiners by the International Association for Identification? Only 50% of those who take this test pass due to its rigorous test nature.

More often than not police dust with powder, which probably destroys 50% of viable prints left on a weapon. Also "mishandling" of a weapon destroys even more prints.

Fingerprints are made of only a trace amount of oil, 98 or 99 percent of fingerprints are composed of water. Plus amino acids, proteins, polypeptides and salts. Though prints can last up 40 years on unfinished wood, stocks of guns are usually finished.

Finally some people seem to believe that Courtney should have kept the gun (for evidence). You sick and demented little monkeys, why would any sane person keep a gun their spouse had killed themselves with?

This information was gotten from Seattle Police Department records and Ed German

Also researchers said that "In reality, very few identifiable latent prints are found on firearms, a fact that has been discussed in both the literature and the judicial system Fingerprint Specialists at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms San Francisco Laboratory Center have had, however, some success in this endeavor."(3)

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The person (Ed German opens on own screen ) supplying this information was NOT commenting on Kurts death. But commenting on fingerprints in general

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