Cobain Murder theorist have made the claim, that only MS Love had motive to kill her husband Kurt Cobain. This points to their obsession to get Ms Love, and the hell with reality.

In this section, I will point out that there are numerous people who may have wanted to kill Kurt. It's not my intent in this section to point the finger at anyone. It merely shows that if you believe in the murder of Kurt Cobain, you have to look beyond Courtney only.

Here are some threats well known people face each day


Much has been said about Kurt being in fear of his life, and purchasing a shotgun. Kurt could have purchased a shotgun to protect himself against stalkers. Stalking isn't far from any celebrity mind.

Deborah Gibson had fifty e-mail's from Michael Falkner threatening sexual violence.

Stalker Jonathan Norman, showed up at the Steven Spielberg's home.

Michael Lance Carvin stalked Howard Stern. Michael also spent six years in prison for harassing former President Gerald Ford.

Robert Dewey Hoskins, who's now serving a 10-year stalking sentence, repeatedly invaded Madonna's home.

Michael Gold harassed Naomi Campbell, for four years. She finally obtained a protective order.

Rebecca Schaeffer was gunned down in the doorway of her Los Angeles home in 1989 by obsessed fan Robert John Bardo. (2)

Remember John Hinkle? Who's obsession with Jodie foster, lead to the attempted assassination of president Reagan.(3)

An obsessed fan Mark Chapman killed John Lennon.(4)

According to TAG (Threat Assessment Group), of Newport Beach California there are an estimated 200,000 stalkers in America. 17% of their victims are celebrities based on data from local police and FBI records. TAG founder Park Dietz, who's a psychiatrist and consultant said ``Celebrity stalking is very much on the rise,'' (5)

LAPD's Threat Management Unit, helps protect against stalkers. The unit's creator and Chief, Lt. John Lane estimates the unit has dealt with more than 1, 000 cases since '90.Today they tracks 6,000 stalkers and will contact one if their conduct indicate he or she may become aggressive.

In recent years, the number of crazed-fan attacks has increased. Since 1968 there have been as many attacks by fans on famous people as in the previous 150 years. (6)

The far rights violent tendency

Who could have the resources to pull a murder conspiracy off? Right wing extremist might have connections in law enforcement . The far right had the hate and the training or connections to kill Kurt


Anyone who read anything about Kurt Cobain's life knows he was anti-authoritarian. His stand against the far right was well known. From abortion to gay rights his speech was inflammatory.

Kurt said "God is Gay"

Another example is the liner notes from Nirvana "Incestcide" it attacks racists, homophobia, and women haters.

How would many in the far right Christian extremist camp view these statements?

Anti Rock Christian Bob Larson seemed to gloat over Kurts death.

Threats became so serious that during a Seattle anti censorship benefit concert. A threat was made Kurt would be shot the second he step on to the stage. The threat was taken seriously and they set up metal detectors for the concert.(7)

This first link, is to a church that is known for picking funerals of people who have died of AIDS*. They also picked the funeral of Matthew Shepard.

*Since they have taken the stand AIDS is a blessing, then it's a fair assumption that they also feel just as joyful when infants die from AIDS.

What they call a site can be found here.

Westboro Baptist church

What do many right wing extremist do to their enemies?? Consider the following.

In the war against legal abortions clinics have been burned, bombed, abortion providers have been shot. To be fair, such violence is not acceptable to many leaders in the right to life movement.

David O'Steen, Executive Director of "National Right to Life," criticized the violence saying ``It is wrong,'' he continued ``To the extent that the discussion is about buildings or bombs, that detracts from the reality of abortion and the violence of abortion,'' . (8)

Rep. Kenny Hulshof, R-Mo., said. "Just as we must call for an end to violence outside those clinics, let us continue to pray for an end to the violence inside those clinics,'' (9)

Still the Violence continues...........

A 1997 issue of USA Today, detailed several bombings one in Atlanta (Georgia) that destroyed a women's health facility and injured seven people including emergency and law enforcement personnel (10)

Another bombing in Tulsa had no injuries; this was the second time in three weeks the facility was targeted. (11)

From 1982, to 1997 183 abortion clinics have been bombed or burned in the USA.

Year  Arson  Bombing 
1982  1 
1983  2  0 
1984  14  11 
1985  9  6 
1986  9  5 
1987  10  3 
1988 6 1
1989 8 3
1990 9 2
1991  8  2 
1992  21  0 
1993  14 
1994  12  1 
1995  15  0 
1996  3  1 
1997  1  2 

Sources: Treasury Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (12)

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